dinsdag 17 april 2012

Preview: Essence Barefoot Beauties

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show your feet "barefoot beauties"
temperatures are rising and we’re getting into a super-barefoot-summer mood! so that nothing can spoil our joyous anticipation at being reunited with our flip-flops, peep toes & sandals, the essence show your feet trend edition "barefoot beauties" presents a special product collection to highlight your gorgeous feet, nails and legs in may and june 2012. practical beauty helpers make winter feet look pampered, fresh and stylish again in a flash! now your feet will be beautiful enough to show off in your new flip-flops!


 Wat zie je hier allemaal op de foto?

- toe nailpolish:
spring evokes a passion for color, color, color! so the motto of barefoot beauties is of course: color your nails! green? violet? blue? coral or red? with five bright colors that offer your toe nails fabulous coverage and long-lasting style, the ultimate summer feeling is only a brush-stroke away! available in the colors 21 purple party, 22 green lagoon, 23 underwater love and 24 coral me beautiful, 25 kiss of the mermaid.
- Super soft toe separator:
if you change the color of your toe nails often, you probably like it pretty, comfortable and quick. so it’s great news that there are super-soft toe separators by essence! the soft material ideally adapts to the shape of your toes, separates them perfectly and makes applying nail polish super easy. a perfect little helper for the most gorgeous accessory of the summer 2012!
- Toe protection gel stripes:
flip-flop lovers take note: from now on, you can say goodbye to that pesky ache between your toes when you wear a new pair! these practical transparent gel stripes by essence are shaped in such a way that they are almost invisible but are still ultra-effective. no chaffing, no pressure points – simply fix the sticky side of the strip around the toe-strap and get the summer party started!
- Gel shoe pads:
mega high-heels don’t have to stress your feet if you have the right little helpers! the transparent, super soft gel shoe pads by essence offer your feet added grip and relief. aching feet, pressure points and blisters? not with essence! special massage points even provide comfort on 12-cm heels – for hours and hours! party nights? let’s dance! and here’s how: place the gel pad in your shoe with the tip facing the heel, press lightly and you’re done! for repeated application, simply rinse under clear water and place in the next pair of high-heels that you want to show off! in a summery flower design.
- Ankle bracelet:
 pampered summer legs and feet look even more gorgeous with jewelry! this cute ankle bracelet by essence sets colorful accents on your ankle with its enticing turquoise or violet shades and mediterranean pendants and pearls. a stylish finishing touch for all barefoot beauties!

Deze collectie komt in mei in Duitsland, maar of deze ook naar Nederland komt, ik weet het niet. Zodra ik meer informatie hierover heb zal ik dat online zetten op mijn blog.

Wat vinden jullie van deze collectie? Ik eerlijk gezegd vind deze minder. 

P.s. ik zag dit plaatje nog op de beauty friends pagina van essence staan:


Ik denk dat dit ook van een nieuwe LE is...


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